Non-GMO Project

The NON-GMO project

For those of you new to this debate, GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms) have come under scrutiny as being a current culprit of chronic diseases, from cancer and infertility to diabetes and allergies to name a few.

In Canada the main GMO crops are: Soy, corn, wheat, sugar, canola and cotton seed (used to feed livestock). One of the issues is that the label “certified organic” does not guarantee the product to be “GMO free”.

One of the arguments is that current product labeling is not sufficient to give Canadian consumers the informed choice in selecting what to feed themselves and their families.

On this website: you can find a complete list of the hundreds of products that have been verified to be free of genetically modified organisms.

It is easy to become incapacitated by the overwhelming task of confronting multi national corporations, but what you can do is speak with your purchasing power by selecting products labeled with the NON-GMO project designation.


Our hope is that you become empowered to embrace the changes you CAN make instead of becoming overwhelmed by the ones you can’t.