Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Medicine combines modern diagnostics and medical research with ancient wisdom from natural substances and treatments.My intention is to assist you in achieving your personal health goals. I do not heal you; your body heals itself when provided the tools it needs. Health is more than just the absence of disease! Use me as your source of information, and as a guide on this journey towards health.

Restoring your heath and creating vitality is a process that may take some time. Our visits are meant to put the pieces of your puzzle together. Health is simple – but not always easy. Ultimately, you must do the work. My goal is to help you become empowered so that you are not dependent on me or on products. I will often assign personal projects, which are meant to help create lasting lifestyle changes. Determination and time on your part are essential to make new patterns of living.

If you don’t have time for illness you must make time for wellness.

In this office, you will have the opportunity to set short term and long term goals. Your care may initially center on your primary concerns but ideally I strive to focus on the root causes of your issues to create true and lasting wellness.

I may ask you many questions that seem unrelated to the current problem. Your present health is a result of everything that has happened to you over the course of your life, from conception to the present. I believe that you have all the answers within you; my job is to ask the right questions…

I consider it an honor and privilege to serve you and your family well…