“…I wanted to let you know how much you have impacted me and my health and how very grateful I am for your help!!… Your knowledge and support was what started me on this path and I am so thankful for your help! I’ve never experienced health care where I felt as though I were taken seriously and actually “listened to”… You are awesome and I appreciate the work you do SO MUCH!”

A.M, Burmis area

 “My experience with N.M is a function of the level of expertise, empathy and willingness to work with me towards individualized solutions. All medical approaches have a place as to helping patients, however, naturopathic approaches which tends to assess/treat the patient as a “whole” is the first step in “curing/ameliorating” the malady.

Dr. Sarah-Dash Arbuckle demonstates: 1. A passion for helping people. 2. A keen, scientific mind and a wealth of knowledge. 3. An ability to work with patients needs. 4. Intuition and listening skills and a great smile!

Her office offers a comforting environment where she applies her gentle and respectful touch. She is skilled in a variety of techniques and approaches… Her compassionate listening skills and knowledge of body physiology are above average. Her approach to patients is a combination research based knowledge and understanding human emotional needs.

Tina, her trusty assistant, organizes and helps patients with every aspect of the care available in the office. Great work!”

Ruth Smith, Calgary


“When an acne treatment turned my face into a blistering swollen mess… I turned to Sarah-Dash Arbuckle and began trying natural medications that showed immediate improvement. With total faith in Dr. Arbuckle, I decided to become a regular patient. Compared to one’s average stuffy, cold, hard-chaired, stinky waiting room, I’ve found The Health Hub office to be delightfully welcoming and comfortable – and the tea’s great too! I feel like I’m taking better care of myself by letting Dr. Sarah-Dash Arbuckle take care of me”

Madeleine Neufeld, Crowsnest Pass


“Natural medicine means no pain from fibromyalgia after suffering for 18 years. A sense of being in control of your health and a better understanding of how your body works. It also brings a sense that someone really listens and cares, which is priceless in this day and age of cut-backs and senseless hurry”

Jane Baker, Pincher Creek


“I am very grateful and happy we have a person, place and services like yours in town. My life is changing in a very postive way so I’m learning to appreciate more my present. Thanks a lot!”

Sally Clark, Crowsnest Pass


“You are an incredible doctor with an extremely respectable practice. You demonstrate compassion, understanding and a deep scientific understanding of the body and medicine… All my love and admiration”

Leah Switzer, Fernie B.C


“I made the choice to visit Dr. Sarah-Dash Arbuckle this summer, after my very low energy levels kept eluding my attempts at self-healing.  My low energy has been dogging me for a few years now, and I had even visited a naturopath before. However, his style of healing was a little too “buy these supplements” and not enough “let’s find the cause first, and go from there”. With that experience in mind, I was hoping that Dr. Dash had a different approach for me, and she sure did. After we poured some tea, we started with an in-depth and thorough conversation covering everything my family doctor would at a first appointment, but then she went further in order to build her story about my health and history. We talked about my health goals, and she openly discussed the many different treatment options available to me.

Her understanding of her practice, and her willingness to work with your body, your needs, and your abilities, was just the right mix to inspire me and give my body the tools it needs to heal itself.”

Laura Mackinnon, Crowsnest Pass


“Having had a back problem, that went out again as soon as I arrived in Blairmore, I was doubtful that there was anything that could be done; when it goes it just goes.  I was out there to run the Sinister 7 Ultra with my team and was terribly concerned that this time it might take me out of the run.  I was given Dr. Sarah Dash Arbuckle’s contact info and was able to get an appointment.  I was simply amazed at the results, when I got up off the table after acupuncture there was no more pain, I could not believe the results that I had.  I have had acupuncture before, but it didn’t seem to do anything, this was completely different.  After the treatment I was completely pain free, went for one more the next day and was able to run and completed 30 km without any issues; Thank you Dr. Sarah!!!!”

Jill Sutherland, Halifax, Nova Scotia


“Thank you for your patience and expertise, your honesty and openness, for listening and always supporting, for getting me to believe in my body and myself… and thank you for taking the time for weeks and months after the birth to come to our home, sending packages and potions my way and for being one of the few voices that made me think I could do it and that everything would be ok. You have a gift for connecting with people so I know that you understand a little how I feel and how indepted I will always be. You helped me create a better pregnancy and you absolutely helped me enter the overwhelming world of motherhood as a more complete and happier mom… I am so grateful for all of that.”

Vivian Krauchek, Crowsnest Pass